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Skrīveru Gotiņa ASPASIA products Sweets Laboratory

SKRIVERU SALDUMI Ltd. manufactures milk candy "Skriveru Gotina", milk toffee, foamed toffee, marzipan in chocolate as well as black plums and apricots glazed with chocolate.

We created our "Sweets` Laboratory"

in the Skriveri plant, where visitors can get familiar with the history, traditions and the production process of our sweets. We conduct tours, where we encourage our guests to actually participate in the wrapping of the candy, so they can get more familiar with the process and our products.  You’re always welcomed to visit our factory store where our products can be purchased.


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Skrīveru Saldumi AS Daugavas st. 82
Aizkraukles dist., Skrīveru nov.
Latvia, LV-5125

Phone: +371 65197280

E-mail: info@skriverusaldumi.lv